Ukraine, trapped between two worlds

Nine years after the “Orange revolution “, Ukraine is again in the eye of the storm. Beyond all the noise and media attention generated by large demonstrations, Ukrainian reality and the factors that have led to both governments’ decision to suspend negotiations with the EU and the subsequent protests are of a complexity often not taken into account. Since its independence in 1991, the country’s authorities have had to manage the historic division that characterizes Ukraine, not only in terms of language and ethnicity, but also from a socio-economic and political point of view. This deep contradiction made impossible to successive governments to take ​​clear steps in one or another direction when it comes to the geopolitical area in which to situate the country: Russia and the former Soviet space or the EU. In this article, I will try to shade some light on the issue, offering a range of data in order to help to understand the characteristics of the conflict of realities within the country, mainly from a sociological and economic perspective.

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